Cosmic Musings

There are a lot of unanswered questions in life, that we just don’t know. And it’s crazy, and amazing that they are a mystery:

The fact that we just don’t know where the world comes from. Whether you believe in the Big Bang, or whether it’s god or some diety. At the end of the day, you can keep asking ‘and where did that come from (yep — I was that kid)’, to ultimately end up with nothing, or maybe a half-annoyed head scratch.

On occasion, I’ll just be walking or around the house, and then it hits me — I’m here on earth, in this universe and I have no idea how I got here, or why, or how this all even exists. It’s … laughable.

How is it that we have this spark of life, consciousness? And that we are just … alive. We don’t understand the very thing that helps us understand.

Theres so much that we just don’t know.

  • How big is the universe? We are on this tiny coordinate of Andromeda, and we keep finding new worlds every day, new galaxies — what is the scope? Can we event think about that magnitude effectively? That’s a question worth dedicating life to.
  • How much don’t we know about our own world? If we have only explored say, 5% of the ocean, what else don’t we know, and what secrets are left for us to discover?
  • What happens when we die? I understand many have answers to this, I’ve always thought that we just turn…off. Back to the worms. Just thinking of all of that just going — poof!
  • What connects us all on this earth? If you look at animals, we can see how similar we all are. It’s uncanny. Theres a shared understanding, at a raw, primal level, som deeper fabric that holds it all in balance.

The crazy thing, is that I, (and many others to be sure) let go of these questions as we go about our day. Every so often, you stare into an ocean, or look at the moon, or see a picture from space — and you go ‘wow’ — just ‘wow’ — that is insane. The scope of species, the vastness of the universe, the fact that were … here. And we just can’t answer why.

It’s a beautiful thing to let go of sometimes, and in those moments, sometimes it makes me wonder. Other times, I just have a smile on my face, knowing how much I don’t know makes me realize just how much is truly inconsequential.

Calvin and Hobbes (as always) said it best: